Do you want to be more productive while also supporting your well-being?

Better Workday courses will give you practical tools to regain control over your workday, make the most of every hour and reduce work-related stress.

  • Interactive, self-paced courses with specific templates to take action immediately.

  • Easy to understand with all the information you need in bitesize pieces.

  • Based on 14+ years of experience in project management and operations, alongside a deep knowledge of productivity in the workplace.

Feel calm, confident and excited about work.

Some of the benefits of a better workday include:

  • Increased productivity

  • The sense of a “job well done” at the end of the day

  • Reduction in work-related stress

  • More time - and attention - for family and friends

Productivity training with well-being at its core

Niamh Brady is the creator of the Better Workday programme. Her interest in productivity began with her first job after college. She received a phone and a laptop, but no advice on how to manage her time and effort. Niamh quickly fell into poor working habits and struggled to keep her head above water. She experienced repeating cycles of work-related stress and anxiety throughout her twenties and early thirties. When Niamh observed that members of her team and other colleagues were falling into the same trap, she became determined to break the cycle, Niamh tried and tested countless productivity methods. She combined them with over a decade of experience in project management and operations, and a focus on well-being at work. The result is the “Better Workday” programme.