What does success look like?

Reconnect your daily activities to their bigger purpose

Early in my career, one of the biggest challenges was hopping from task to task without ever feeling like I was making real progress. I was busy but wasn't sure what I was trying to achieve.

If this sounds familiar, then this course is for you. Goals will help you clarify what you should spend your time and energy on. You can measure your progress at the end of every week.

Most importantly, a clear goal will ensure you know when you have been successful so you can celebrate the achievement!

Learning Outcomes

What will you be able to do differently after completing this course?

  • Choose the right type of goal for what you want to achieve

  • Ensure the goal has the essential details to help you plan your week better

  • Set goals that support your overall sucess well-being

Course Overview

Learn how to set clear goals with practical steps and actionable templates

  1. Welcome to the course!

  2. Introduction to Goal Setting

  3. Goal Duration

  4. Goal Elements

  5. Goal Types

  6. Next steps

About this course

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  • 17 lessons

Overcome Procrastination

Goal setting reduces procrastination and helps you proactively measure progress.

Hi! I'm Niamh

I couldn't stand by and watch other people fall into the same patterns of overwork and high-stress that I had - and that I had learned from my role models. So I decided to build something new.

Founder of Better Workday Niamh Moynihan

Niamh Moynihan is a Productivity Coach, founder of Better Workday and author of Remote Working Essentials. She will challenge you to think differently about how you manage your time, energy, attention and relationships at work.


  • I have tried productivity or time management training before but it didn’t last. What is different about Better Workday?

    Everything in the Better Workday courses has been tried and tested over time. Niamh created them based on her 14 years of experience working in large and small companies, as well as ongoing research in productivity, well-being and professional development. Niamh is also a parent of two young children and knows the struggle of trying to balance everything first-hand. The information and tools shared are proven, practical and easy to implement.

  • How much time will it take to complete the course?

    One of the biggest challenges Niamh faced when trying to complete a course while working was finding the time to do it! She designed all the Better Workday courses so you can make progress in just 15 minutes a day.

  • How long will I have access to the course for?

    You have lifetime access to the course, including regular updates to ensure you have the best tools and information to create a better workday.

  • Is there a guarantee or refund policy?

    Yes. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee if you have logged in and are not satisfied.

It's time for a better workday